Introduction to Letters to Eliza.


I am the eldest of four children. Three girls and one boy. Eliza is the youngest. There is a fourteen-year age gap between us. I am therefore very protective of her and want the best for her. I want her to have everything her heart desires. And I want er to know that she can have it.

I was inspired by two other blogs to create this blog dedicated to all the many things I want to tell Eliza. One of them was a blog entry written by Rachel, an acquaintance of mine, called “To my sons: If I catch you treating a girl like a princess, I’ll break your kneecaps” on her blog ‘Make a Long Story Short’. The other was a post on a blog I follow called ‘UnTangled’, which was titled “Words From a Father to His Daughter (From the Makeup Aisle)”. One was written as a letter from a mother to her sons, the other from a father to his daughter. They both discussed similar themes and demonstrated a deep desire that their children would understand that there is more beyond superficial looks and relationships, and to encourage them to reach for something deeper, higher and more meaningful.

I think there is a great deal to be said for writing letters. One can express emotions and feelings that can be difficult to express fully in face-to-face interactions. And in reality put out on the internet, these messages are not just for our own sons, daughters or sisters. These are messages that we want to resonate within society.

I can therefore confidently say that ‘Letters to Eliza’ are highly biased. They are biased by my political, religious, educational and cultural background. Don’t take what I say as gospel. They are however themes and words which I care about very deeply. And I hope that they will mean a great deal to Eliza and young girls everywhere.


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